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Mummers Music CD
(Best Available)
      $18.00 + S&H
Mummers Small Parasol
          $12.00 + S&H
Thank You, My friend in Georgia just received both Dolls and she loves them. This will mean more orders for you later.       
Mary McQuilkin 
Thank You, I have received the Mummers CD and would like to order more.
Thanks very much 
The wedding was Fabulous. The rainbow decorated umbrellas were Wonderful. (10 large for bridal party 25 small and a Mummers Gold CD) were a great success. The Mummers Strut went over extremely well. Now 170 Californians know what the Mummers strut is all about."it was so much fun seeing the sea of umbrellas bobbing up and down."
Sue DiLuigi
Discounts are available for large orders  E-Mail Me
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Thank You, I Ordered 2 dolls, one with a Banjo and one with a sax,  they went over so well, I need to order a third. 
Thank You, you do beautiful work!
Carol Vreeland

Mummers   Doll
$70.00 + S&H 
Mummers Wench Doll
$65.00 + S&H 
Mummers   Doll
$70.00 + S&H 
Mummers   Doll
$70.00 + S&H 
Mummers   Doll
$70.00 + S&H 
*  Please allow TWO to FOUR weeks for delivery of Custom  Items.
for rush orders Express Mail additional shipping funds may be added
Phone: 267-343-4047
Philadelphia Mummers 
Medium Umbrella
price is $15.00 each
plus shipping and handling

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